Tesla Model 3 joins Linn Creek Police Department’s electric car fleet


Tesla Model 3 joins the Linn Creek Police Department’s electric car patrol fleet, giving the electric vehicle a new look with flashing blue and red lights.

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Tesla Model 3 joins Linn Creek Police Department

According to a report by Teslarati, the Linn Creek Police Department has officially announced that it is adding Tesla’s wildly popular electric sedan, the Model 3, to its patrol car fleet.

The Tesla Model 3 has been modified to give it a distinct police car look, adding “police” decals, as well as flashing red and blue LED lights all over its body. Not to mention, the department also included essentials like a radio and siren.

Linn Creek Police Department Chief Jeff Christiansen himself said in a statement that he researched other vehicles, such as Dodge Chargers and the all-new Ford Explorer, before deciding to opt for the Tesla Model 3.

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The police chief added that he even had discussions with Linn Creek City Mayor Jeff Davis about his vehicle considerations.

Christiansen even admitted that they are also considering buying used vehicles, as well as trying to repair their current fleet of broken police cars.

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Tesla Model 3 Police Car

However, Linn Creek Police Department Chief and Maj. Jeff Davis decided it would be best to invest in Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles.

The two learned that the savings from buying Tesla Model 3 vehicles will pay off, given the rise in gas prices these days.

Teslarati noted in the same report that electric vehicle users have a significantly lower maintenance cost compared to what they spent when they were still driving gasoline-powered cars.

Tesla Model 3 joins Linn Creek Police Department's fleet of electric patrol cars.

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Tesla Model 3 joins Linn Creek Police Department’s fleet of electric patrol cars.

According to a recent local media report, KY3, the Linn Creek Police Chief further pointed out that the Tesla Model 3 even has a 120,000 mile or eight year warranty for its battery.

Christiansen says a city patrol car typically travels 70 miles in a single day. So in a year, it should be around 12,000.

Linn Creek Mayor Davis echoed Christiansen’s sentiments, saying it’s “a great investment.” He also noted that the police department would save about $3,000 compared to using a Ford Explorer.

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