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The Water Softener: What You Need to Know

Water is used for drinking, cleaning and other daily activities. But did you know the quality of the water affects the longevity and efficiency of the appliances in your home? These situations are where our water softeners come in handy. Find out everything you want to know as we explore Best Water Softener Systems.

How do you define a water conditioner? The water is softened by the water softener, which removes hard minerals from the water. Water that is too hard can lead to damage, and reduce the performance of water heaters and pipes. By softening the water, you can save on your appliance’s life and money.

In our list, we have two main types: those that use salt and those without. Salt-based watersofteners use ion exchanging to remove minerals. This process uses sodium ions in the salt to replace minerals. Water softeners that do not use salt reduce hardness by using a number of methods, including magnetic fields, chelation or filtration. If you don’t salt your water, consider using salt-free watersofteners.

While choosing a water conditioner, you need to consider a number of factors. Water hardness, household size and water consumption will all determine the best water softener for your home. An expert can assist you in evaluating these elements, and recommend the best option for your house.

Although water softeners offer many benefits, it is important that you maintain them. Water softeners that do not use salt may only need a filter replaced every so often, while salt-based systems require regular salt replacement and resin bed cleaning. Soft water is worth the little maintenance.