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The Amazing Healing Experiences of a Holistic Doctor and Family Therapist

Gabriel Cousens, a holistic physician and family therapist, shares his amazing experiences with healing. Gabriel Cousens works as a family therapist, holistic physician and author. Click this link

Kevin – What have been the greatest challenges in your work over the past 20-plus years?

Gabriel: Well, it’s subtle. It’s very enjoyable to see people heal. While you know exactly what is going to happen, there are many mysteries. For some, it’s a lot of Karma. They may not be healing. However, most people do very well. Even though people have healed, it’s difficult to get them back to the culture of death. It is not something they get. You have to continue to work with them, to reinforce their need to live in this way. It’s almost like “You mean, you can’t go back on having sugar and high fruits?” “No, I don’t mean that.” If you want to be healed from diabetes you can reverse the process. You cannot go back to where you were, because you’ll do it again. People just don’t get the concept. It takes time. Many people take many years. They heal, it is dramatic, they see results. In three weeks, their blood sugar levels go from over 400 to 88 on medication. It’s almost like “You did what many call impossible.” It is quite natural for us. Then, three months and four months later they turn the other direction. It’s impossible. It is interesting to observe how difficult it can be for people to give up their food habits.

Kevin – How can one deal with their beliefs about eating? That’s why there is a belief system.

Gabriel : It is a set of beliefs and habits. The 21-day challenge is so intense, fast and powerful that we cannot deny it.

Kevin: Right.

Gabriel However, people will say that it’s great …”, but then slip, because they’re surrounded with the culture and death. We’re really talking about that. That’s all you have to do is accept it. This is not for everyone. But, take diabetics. 2%. That’s about 1.6million people. That’s huge! We can reach 1.6 million Americans. We believe that we will get more results if there are governments in South America and Central America.

There is already one hospital in Dubai that is interested. It’s terrible that it has increased from 25% to 32%. We have basically a dysfunctional society. They don’t have the ability to function. It’s like, whoa!

Kevin – What’s the cause?

Gabriel It is the high sugar, according to various Arab people and medical experts. Lamb is the number one ingredient in high sugar. Yemen. Yemen can be seen. Yemen’s diet was 85% animal fat, meat, and lamb. However, it had the lowest levels of sugar. It didn’t really have diabetes. Add sugar, and boom, diabetes is a common problem. Sugar is the number one. Sugar is so important in the Arab World, it is huge. Why?

Sugar is cooling, it turns out. India, for instance, has 40 millions diabetics. They are the leaders in the world. The US has a chance to beat everyone in diabetes incidence.

Kevin: Really.

Gabriel The most significant issue in the creation of diabetes, candida, and hypoglycemia is sugar. Cooling is a common feature in hotter cultures. This is because these cultures have high levels of sugar disease.

Kevin : Is this the predominance of processed sugar, or is it also fruit?

Gabriel : Although it is obviously connected to fruit, I think we’re referring more to white sugar. However, I must be truthful with you, diabetics. We monitor everyone closely so that if someone has a piece sugar, a slice of fruit, or any other sugar, it will spike their blood sugar. There’s no other way. We are monitoring everything. We’re seeing it. Direct experience is something we have. It works. It’s impossible to eat fruit while you are recovering from diabetes. It’s just not possible. It does not work. Instead, the body spikes blood sugar.

Kevin : So, what would you like to leave with everyone tonight?

Gabriel : The most important thing I believe is that you love yourself enough so that you want to heal your body and help the planet. I want people to be able to love themselves enough that they can heal themselves and the planet by eating vegans and living food. It is possible to bring peace and harmony to the world by being compassionate to others. If people choose to bless themselves, they can.