Shopping carts and traffic cones among trash pulled from Plymouth Creek


Recently a small group of determined volunteers headed to Pomhlett Creek – known locally as ‘The Rhino’ to do a routine litter pick-up in the area, but upon arrival they faced a lot more work than they originally anticipated.

Shopping carts, traffic cones and bicycles: these are just some of the strange objects that were removed from Pomhlett Creek at low tide earlier this month.

Community waste pickers from Clean Our Patch CIC keep Plymouth clean, traveling in small groups throughout the town and disposing of a shocking amount of waste.

Recently, a small group of determined volunteers traveled to Pomhlett Creek – known locally as “The Rhino” – to carry out a routine litter pick-up in the area, but upon arrival they faced much more work than they had originally anticipated.

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El Clarke, who volunteers for Clean Our Patch with her husband, said a small group of waste pickers managed to remove some 26 traffic cones from the creek, along with many other strange objects.

El and her husband Ashton Samuels, along with volunteers Meg Parsons and Jacky Edgell were the team responsible for the arduous cleanup – and photos of the rubbish removed are testament to their efforts.

El said: “We first went there because we had a report that someone had dumped a load of shopping carts there.

“When we arrived they had already been removed from the creek but we wanted to move them so the council could retrieve them.

“Then we looked over the wall. It was just awful, we ended up diving in the mud. It wasn’t necessarily what we had planned, but that’s what happened. has passed.”

El continued, “There were a lot of things in the cove, and since the tide was low, we decided to go and sort them out. I think people just think throwing things in there is really a lot of fun, it’s really weird.

“We were in Transit Way recently, in a small stream that connects Shakespeare School to Transit Way, and we also just pulled out 20 shopping carts.”

Scroll down to see some of the weird stuff pulled from Pomhlett Creek.


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