Rock-Yerong Creek end Marrar’s 30-game unbeaten streak at home with 23-point win at ANZAC Challenge | The Daily Advertiser


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The Rock-Yerong Creek set themselves up as real contenders for premiership, and perhaps the team to beat, with a 23-point win over Marrar on Saturday. The Magpies showed how far they’ve come and ended Marrar’s 30-match unbeaten streak at Langtry Oval in the process, knocking out comfortable winners 13.6 (84) to 8.13 (61) in the annual ANZAC Challenge . The Bombers squandered early and lost in-form Harry Reynolds midway through the first term, but were simply outplayed by a well-drilled Magpies team, who had the skills. TRYC took advantage of their early opportunities when Marrar got the upper hand and entered the opening break with a 4.1-2.7 lead. From there the Magpies took over, with key striker James Roberts scoring his fourth goal after the half-time siren to put the visitors 29 points clear. It was a five-goal one-run that potentially set the stage for another Marrar comeback, but this time it was not to be. A snap from Joey Hancock was the only goal in a stark third quarter that the Magpies had the better of and, more importantly, robbed Marrar of any momentum. The Bombers started the final quarter with the first two goals in four minutes to cut the margin to 24 points, but any comeback was quickly cut short by an impressive Magpies unit, who earned their first win over Marrar since 2016. Riley Budd received the Pearce-Shea Medal for best on the ground and he was well supported by Roberts, who finished his best game in Magpies colors with six goals. TRYC co-coach Brad Aiken was thrilled with the performance. “The most satisfying thing is that we almost maintained this for four quarters,” Aiken said. “The Marrar were amazing, they came back strong, we knew they would, but for us to keep our form and keep our composure when they came in, hopefully that shows we’re starting to kind of to get old.” The Magpies’ use of the ball was a highlight of the day, continually finding teammates with pinpoint accuracy, while the Bombers were often left to bomb. Aiken was thrilled to see the TRYC brand win. “We’re not taking anything away from Marrar. Obviously Jimbo (Lawton) is a huge loss for them and structures them quite well but they’ve recruited well, they’re still playing the same brand of footy, I just think we’ve been able to play our mark longer,” he said. “Before, when we played against Marrar, their pressure and their level never went down, and that hasn’t happened yet today, but we were able to play our conditions and our pressure never let up either and it was actually a really good race that way. “I think our use of the ball was a bit better than theirs, and our form a bit. The nice thing is that we probably played three and a half quarters of football and hopefully we have further improvements. , Aiken hopes the victory can be a turning point for the Magpies. “Usually they have teams try to take it back through them, and then they throw a slingshot, and we don’t give them a shot. allowed to do so today. And our pressure from behind the foot to come and tackle and return the foot or create a save was probably the best I’ve seen since I’ve been here,” Aiken said. “I was happy. We haven’t beaten Marrar since 2010 here. We didn’t focus on that, it wasn’t the ultimate goal, but Marrar are a great team, if you can beat them anytime, hopefully that instills some confidence in the club. “The Magpies have had their own injury issue with Canberra rookie Liam Lupton suffering a knee injury. Updated news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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