Possible E. Coli Contamination Leads Toboton Creek Dairy Raw Milk Recall


Many might be surprised by this recall due to the regulation of dairy pasteurization in large swathes of the United States. In 2017, Food & Wine noted that the pasteurization requirement was gaining momentum and seemed likely to overcome the 29 states that still allowed the sale of unpasteurized dairy products. Obviously, there is a legal route for unpasteurized milk in Washington State. According to Real Raw Milk Facts, the producer needs a license, a regularly tested herd, and displaying the fact that the milk is raw on a label.

As mentioned, the CDC explains why people choose raw milk citing the belief that the bacteria in milk prove to be healthy. People can drink milk and be healthy as long as there are no harmful bacteria that pasteurization would normally kill. “If you think certain types of bacteria may benefit your health, consider getting them from foods that don’t pose such a high risk,” the agency advises.

Still, ProCon.org notes that drinking raw milk is legal nationwide. As of 2016, you could even buy it from stores like those in Washington. Separately, in Alaska, a new debate opened up in January over the repeal of the ban on the sale of raw milk, as covered by Food Safety News.


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