KCC offers artists $750 for Battle Creek exhibit


Kellogg Community College is giving sculptors the opportunity to submit their artwork for display at the 3rd Biennial Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition which will run through 2024.
After going through the application process, selected artists will receive a $750 stipend for general project expenses. Selected sculptures will be on public display at the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek for 24 months, with the option of extended installation or purchase. The stipend is funded by the Art on Campus initiative of the KCC Foundation.

An artist or group of artists wishing to submit materials for consideration should send supporting materials by the May 1 application deadline to:
Penny Rose
Director of Art Exhibitions
Davidson Center for Visual and Performing Arts
Kellogg Community College
[email protected]
Sculptors who manage to impress those involved in the review process will be notified by mid-May. The installation of the selected sculptures will take place between June and July 2022 and will remain on display on campus until removed, between May and June 2024.

The submission requirements and selection process are listed below:

Submission Requirements and Selection Process

  • Each artist can submit up to five sculptures via digital photographs or detailed concept sketches.
  • Each sculpture can be represented by two different angle or perspective images.
  • Each submission must include the artist’s name, contact information, sculpture title, dimensions, medium, and sale price (if applicable).
  • Sculptures should be weatherproof and designed to withstand outdoor environmental conditions for at least two years. The upkeep and maintenance of the exhibited works are the responsibility of the artist.
  • The artists are responsible for the transportation and installation of the selected sculptures. Staff from KCC’s Institutional Facilities Department will be available to work with the artists on the installation.
  • If applicable, sculpture entries should detail any special installation requirements.
  • Sculptures may be offered for sale during the exhibition but must be displayed at KCC for the full 24 months. Artists are responsible for managing sales and no commission will be charged.
  • Artists are responsible for the removal of all unsold works by an agreed date after the exhibition. Artwork not removed in a timely manner will be subject to storage or disposal charges.
  • KCC will provide insurance to cover the artwork during its display on campus.
    The KCC Art on Campus Committee will review and select applications. All work should have strong visual appeal and complement or enhance the locations to be installed.
  • KCC will advertise each artwork installed. Entry to the exhibit includes permission for KCC to photographically reproduce any of the installed sculptures for publicity and educational purposes.

There are various locations on campus for exhibits, including 6-foot round concrete slabs to accommodate larger sculptures. There may be slots for larger sculptures, depending on installation and anchoring requirements.
The mission of the Art on Campus initiative of the Kellogg Community College Foundation is to provide arts experiences on KCC campuses for students, faculty, staff, and the community.

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