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Kalesnikoff Lumber has passed a random audit conducted by the province’s independent forest watchdog.

The Forest Practices Board audit looked at harvesting on four cutblocks, maintaining more than 250 kilometers of roads and 13 bridges, planting on 24 cutblocks and ensuring that forests regenerate on more than two dozen cutblocks, according to a council press release.

The audit area was part of Forest License A20194, in the Arrow Timber Supply Area portion of the Selkirk Natural Resources District.

The audit was not complaint-driven. The only issues identified concerned the timing of the filing of specific documents.

“While nearly all of the practices audited complied with legal requirements, auditors found that Kalesnikoff had not completed fire risk assessment reports for three cutblocks and had not updated information coverage into the government’s silviculture reporting database for six cutblocks within the timeframes required by legislation,” said Kevin Kriese, Chairman of the Forest Practices Board.

“As these results had no impact on forest resources, they are considered areas for improvement in the future.”

Since completing the audit work, Kalesnikoff has submitted the required information to the government and improved its internal procedures, the press release said.

“We try to make sure that what we do on the pitch meets or exceeds all legislative requirements,” Kalesnikoff’s Dwane Sorenson told the Nelson Star. “So we would have been very surprised if the results were different from that. The only opportunity you could see was in the background that the paperwork wasn’t as timely as it needed to be. So that’s something we had to do a bit of tweaking or a bit of improvement. »

The audit area is bounded on the south by the Canada-US border, on the west by the Monashee Mountains and on the east by the Selkirk Mountains. Castlegar is the main community in the area.

The Forest Practices Board is British Columbia’s independent watchdog for good forestry and rangeland practices, reporting its findings and recommendations directly to the public and government.

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