Hamilton family search for lost feline in Stoney Creek after alleged ‘nap’

Missing cat Dwight is light gray, about 12 years old and a little stocky. He is described as “extremely friendly and the sweetest little cat you will ever meet”.
  • CCTV footage appears to show a pizza delivery driver carrying a cat under his arm after making a delivery in a Rosedale neighborhood on April 5.  The family is now looking for their 12-year-old feline.

A family in Hamilton’s east end are searching for their feline companion in an upper Stoney Creek neighborhood after the cat was allegedly taken away by a pizza delivery driver and released several miles away on April 5.

After Rebecca and Carlo Belforte had a pizza delivered around 5.45pm, the family noticed that their 12-year-old gray cat, Dwight, was missing.

Rebecca said when she checked the CCTV footage from the house, she was shocked to see the cat under the delivery driver’s arm. The family believe Dwight escaped while the door was open.

Carlo said the restaurant cooperated fully with the search and put him in touch with the delivery driver. The driver, who Carlo says was fired, allegedly told Carlo he released the cat in the area of ​​Gordon Drummond Avenue and Kennard Street, about a 13-minute drive from the family home in the Rosedale neighborhood.

Carlo said he saw an exchange of text messages on the driver’s phone that appeared to indicate he was giving the cat away or keeping it for himself, but instead opted to release the feline.

“Rather than take him to the SPCA, rather than bring him back to our neighborhood, he dumped him while he was still delivering pizza,” Carlo said.

The couple also reported the incident to the police, who advised them to stop communicating with the delivery driver.

But right now, Rebecca said, the family is struggling to explain Dwight’s whereabouts to their children and only cares about bringing their cat home.

Rebecca said Dwight was plain gray with a small white patch on his nose and a saggy belly. He is very approachable and at ease with people. It also reacts to the sound of a shaking bag of cat treats.

Dwight came into the family as a stray when he was a kitten and the Belfortes later adopted him after they were unable to locate his owner. Dwight is declawed and normally not allowed out.

“He’s very friendly,” Rebecca said. “We named him Dwight because when he meows it kinda sounds like Dwight (Shrute) from ‘The Office’ when he says ‘Michael!'”

Carlo said the family were encouraged by the response from neighbors after seeing the story on social media.

“We’re just waiting for our posters to be printed so we can distribute them around the neighborhood,” Carlo said on April 7. “We had a huge response. There is still some good left in humanity.

Anyone who spots Dwight is asked to contact Rebecca at 905-730-4159.


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