Graphic Packaging will be closing in Battle Creek in August 2022


Graphic Packaging has notified Battle Creek town officials of its intention to close the Battle Creek facility.

Graphic Packing International contacted Battle Creek town leaders on Thursday, February 17, 2022 to advise the town of its intention to close the Battle Creek plant.

Graphic Packaging employs approximately 200 people at its Battle Creek facility. The initial target date for closing operations in the city is expected to be August 2022.

City leaders say they plan to work closely with the company to ensure positions not offered at other Graphic Packing locations have the resources to find jobs in the city. .

Graphic Packaging International, a Fortune 500 company that has completed a new $600 million plant in Kalamazoo. The company produces packaging cartons for dry goods, frozen goods and beverages. They are an important part of our country’s food supply chain.

In 2019, when the company announced its new plant in Kalamazoo, representatives at the time described that a new machine that would be housed at the new site would be used to replace other production facilities like the one in Battle Creek.

The latest news about the future of the Battle Creek location is unlikely to come as a complete shock to employees there, many of whom are likely to find positions at the new Kalamazoo plant.

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