Goose Creek opens new $9 million park


GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) – The town of Goose Creek will open a new 13-acre park next month, and officials say there will be something for everyone.

The new park is called Central Creek Park and it will cost $9 million to build. The city will soon be dedicating land on Old Moncks Corner Road, near St. James Avenue, to build Central Creek Park.

Recreation director Crystal Reed said the park would keep everyone happy.

“The goal of this park is that it’s going to be inclusive,” Reed said. “We’re on a wellness mission, and inclusivity is our top priority.”

The park will be funded by just over $4 million in coronavirus relief funds, $1.5 million from the city’s general fund and just under $3.5 million from state taxes. Home.

Reed said with this money, the park would be packed with features.

“We will have a sand volleyball court, a basketball court,” she said. “It will have a green space with a stage with a food truck area, so people can have social gatherings.”

Other park features include pickleball courts, a clubhouse that will host events, and an all-inclusive playground for children of all ages and abilities.

Sean June lives in Goose Creek and came to play basketball with his friends near Central Creek Park. He said he couldn’t wait for it to be built.

“I was actually kind of shocked because I was talking to my friends,” he said. “I thought they were going to put apartments there, but it will be a nice addition to the community.”

June also said he plans to use the basketball courts and food truck area once the park opens.

“Every weekend there’s always a bunch of people playing basketball,” he said. “I’m pretty sure it’s a big staple in our community to have parks.”

Reed said the city’s focus on building parks, such as the recently opened John McCants Veterans Park, is to make sure people can gather outdoors.

“It’s really just an emphasis on building community,” Reed said. “That’s why we do it. We want people to have things to do and places to go in their city where they don’t have to leave the city limits of Goose Creek.

Officials said groundbreaking is scheduled for March 31. That’s when they’ll reveal how this park will take shape.

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