Earth Day celebrations in Robert’s Creek are Sunday: Gumboot Nation


We are blessed to have found a community that cares, a community that cares enough for each other to set aside time in their busy lives to do things for the greater good. As you may have heard, the Roberts Creek Community Association spearheads much of what makes Gumboot Nation a great place to live. They gather an army of volunteers to do lots of things for all of the Creek, and in the case of Earth Day, it’s the whole planet! This Sunday, April 24, from 12-5 p.m. at the Mandala and Roberts Creek Pier, will see our community congregate in numbers we haven’t seen in some time. The mandela stage will be set up (by volunteers!) and a fantastic selection of local musical talent (volunteers) will delight the masses with their sweet sounds. The causeway will be lined with stalls telling you about things you can do to make the world a better place and there will also be local vendors to feed and clothe you.

The day begins at noon, but dates back to 1970, when Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson created the first Earth Day. Our local celebration began in 1990, when Pat Ridgway organized Sunshine Coast Earth Day at Sunnycrest Mall, which was attended by two thousand people from Earls Cove to Port Mellon. In year two, the coast’s first recycling depot, SCRAPS, was established, initiated by Laurel Sukkau, Gemma Vandermeer, Anne Miles and others, while Ed Lands hosted an event at the Trail Bay Mall in Sechelt. In 1992 Ian Ridgeway built a stage at Cliff Gilker Park and Earth Day had a place in Roberts Creek. In 1996 it moved to the pier (after the propane tanks were removed) to connect to the ocean as well as the mountains. Groups such as Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF), Sunshine Coast Forest Watch, Tetrahedron Alliance, Sunshine Coast Environmental Protection, Forest Walkers and Concerned Coast Residents have stepped up to take part in Earth Day and some are still very active. Many of the original Earth Day participants have banded together to become the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association.

Volunteering in the Gumboot Nation amazes me, see if there is room for you to help out, check out See you on Sunday!

The pantry next to the library is another RCCA good thing, stocked by the Salvation Army, but personal donations are encouraged for more varied items. Lately boxes of stuff have been left in the gazebo (to give away?). Maybe there are some useful items, but what’s left is a lot of junk that goes in the trash. Please take responsibility for removing things that you bring that no one can use.

Elsewhere in the creek; 219 has Vancouver singer-songwriter Jim Foster on stage Friday, April 22 at 7 p.m. with DJ Paola PaoPao spinning tunes for the after party, starting at 10 p.m.

Saturday night at the little legion is everyone’s favorite Ween Tribute, Captain Fantasy, I won’t miss this one!


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