Currant Creek Angus Ranch ‘Currant Genetics for Current Times’ Spring Bull Sale


TSLN representative: Matt Wznick

Date of sale: April 26, 2022

Location: Miles City Livestock Commission – Miles City, Montana

Auctioneer: Collin Gibbs


10 Fall Angus bulls – $4,525

70 Spring Angus Bulls – $3,665

80 bulls in total – $3,773

Gary and Phyllis Elliason, along with their family and crew, hosted the annual Currant Creek Angus Ranch “Currant Genetics for Current Times” Spring Bull Sale on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at Miles City Livestock Commission-Miles City, Montana. Currant Creek Angus Ranch, based in Roundup, Montana, has a loyal customer base that relies on CCAR to get fresh new genetics conditioned into working cattle. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 9 at $6,000, CCAR PAYWEIGHT 0410, 11/9/20, WCF PAYWEIGHT 5228 X WORTHINGTON BREAKOUT, Sold at B Quarter Circle Ranch-Powderville, Montana

Lot 38 at $5,750, CCAR PAYWEIGHT J305, 4/2/21, WCF PAYWEIGHT 5228 X VAR DISCOVERY 2240, sold at Mark Johnson-Sand Springs, Montana

Lot 39 at $5,250, CCAR PAYWEIGHT J302, 3/27/21, WCF PAYWEIGHT 5228 X WCF EXCITEMENT 519, Sold to Marcus Denny-Lame Deer, Montana

Four other bulls left the ring at $5,000

Kyle Schaw-Miles City, Montana watches cattle.
Gary DeCock – D&S Cattle Co. – Hysham, Montana purchased several bulls from CCAR

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