Crime at Steele Creek short-term rental home has nervous neighbors


(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — For neighbors living near a home on Steele Creek, there’s a bit of deja vu, and not a good one.

“There were cars all along the road,” David Berry said of what he saw over the weekend. “Loud music, slamming doors, drinks and other activities at the same time.”

Berry lives near the house. In September the house, a short-term rental on Glenburn Lane, was the scene of a shooting. Last weekend, another shooting occurred at the same location, injuring a 19-year-old.

“I called 911, and they said, ‘Sir, is that a fan in the background? ‘, and I said, ‘No, those are gunshots going off,'” Berry said.

Incidents at home are part of an ongoing problem for neighbors in this area. Queen City News spoke to several people who live near the house in September and this week about the shooting.

The September shooting involved a party that took place at the house. Gunshots could be seen in several windows of the house and at least in one house across the street. At the time, the landlord reported that it was an adult who rented the property, but then passed the keys to teenagers, who threw a party in the short-term rental.

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The property owner told Queen City News that this latest incident did not happen inside the house, but outside, and involved a listing of his short-term rental home which had been published without his knowledge. Neighbors reported that a dozen shots were fired, with the teenage victim shot in the neck.

Nearby residents said they had their children on the ground following the sound of gunfire.

The neighborhood where these shootings took place is part of a homeowners association. Neighbors have repeatedly stated that short-term rentals are not permitted under the HOA.

Queen City News contacted the HOA for comment, but did not receive a response.


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