Creek Wood High 2022 Graduates: Outstanding Students, Honorees


Creek Wood High School’s class of 2022 graduation ceremony takes place Thursday at the school’s football stadium. The ceremony begins at 7 p.m.

Below are the graduate scholarship winners and students with the highest grade point average.

County award winners

Advanced Manufacturing — Travis Mason

Agriculture—James Orman

Architecture & Cons. —Jackson Anderson

Art—Eric Johnson & Sidney Robertson

Athletic (Female) — Hannah Gossett

Athletic (Male) — Jace Herrell

Audiovisual — Benjamin Warrick

Group — Nathanael Sullivan

Company – Chloe Hagewood

IT — Colby Frimel

Criminal Justice — Logan Selm

Choral Music — Laken Brown

Drama – Jackson Whitfield

Education and training — Bailey Kilian

English — Millicent Grimsley

Health Sciences — Peyton Qualls

Jobs for TN Graduates — Chloe Perigo

Journalism — Kyley Blanks

JROTC—Hunter Lovell

Mathematics—Joshua White

Physical Education — Tobey Marsh

Science — Joshua White

Social Studies — Millicent Grimsley

Spanish — Joshua White

Jaycie Luster is the class valedictor of Creek Wood High 2022.

Faculty Medalists

Blue — Hannah Gossett

Red—Millicent Grimsley

Gray—Peyton Qualls

Citizenship Award Winners

Jace Herrel

Emma Street

Creek Wood High 2022 ranks in the top 10% of students.

Creek Wood Class 2022 Top 10 Percent

1. Jaycie Luster, Valedictorian

2. Joshua White, Salutatorian

3. Peyton Qualls

4. Kyley’s Whites

4. James Orman

6. Nicholas Ware

7. Dylan Daniel

8. Megan Bryant

9.Kiana King

10. Hannah Gosset

11. Catherine Collins

12. Carlie Neblett

13. Brenan’s Head

14. Madeleine Rose Raymer

15. Katie Rye

16. Jackson Whitfield

17. Millicent Grimsley

18. Bailey Kilian

19. Megan Axelson

20. Terri Whitlow

21. Raigan Albert

22. Kendal Carruthers


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