Cottonwood couple say mountain lion snatched dog from Oak Creek Canyon on Wednesday but was later found unharmed with very minor injuries – KAFF News – Flagstaff


A couple from Cottonwood reportedly suffered a fear of mountain lions while hiking in Oak Creek Canyon on Wednesday near Manzanita Campground. During their hike, they say their Shepherd-Husky mix was drugged through the neck by a mountain lion. Steve and Tammy Clyse say the event was something they will never forget. Steve described when the lion approached, their dog Karley reacted. “She was bent over in this weird position and then quicker than the blink of an eye something grabbed my dog ​​and pulled her and she didn’t make a sound.” He adds that he said to Tammy, “something has our dog, something has our dog.” Steve says Karley “must have let go just for a second because she barked, like a growl, and then that was it.” He adds: “Then when I turned around I could see this big huge cat had our puppy-like dog in his mouth and he looked me straight in the eye and then the next thing you know, he ran away.” They reported the incident and told other hikers and campers to keep their eyes peeled for Karley. After returning to Cottonwood thinking the worst had happened, they received a call from a nearby camper saying they had heard a dog crying off the trail. The camper tried to approach the dog, but he was too temperamental to approach. The camper then called law enforcement, who helped the couple locate Karley. The couple returned to Oak Creek Canyon with only a deputy’s flashlight to light the way. They found Karley cold, wet and shivering in the parking lot where they had originally parked. Karley suffered extremely minor injuries with only a bite to the base of his tail and minor lacerations to his rear leg. Steve and Tammy say they are extremely happy to have their dog back in good health. Tammy says, “We have a dog that defied all odds. I’m checking to see where I can order a superhero cape for her!” They remind hikers, campers and pet owners to be careful while hiking and to watch out for wildlife. wildlife say they did not find the mountain lion that was in the area, but say they are not uncommon in Oak Creek Canyon.

To hear Dave’s interview with Tammy and Steve, Click here: Just an amazing story. We thank Tammy for letting us know about it this week and we’re thrilled that Karley “The Superdog” is doing well.


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