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House AK Fire Info Contact Creek Fire (#151) now on 6,632 acres, hitting natural barriers

The Contact Creek Fire (#151), which started 40 miles southeast of King Salmon, is now reported at 6,632 acres as of 1 p.m. June 4.e. Continued dry conditions and record heat on the Katmai Peninsula have contributed to the growth of the fires. Fire #151 is in a limited management zone in Katmai National Park and Preserveand National Park Service and Department of Forestry officials continue to actively monitor the fire’s progress.

Based on recent aerial observations, approximately 70% of the perimeter of the fire is no longer growing due to 6-10 foot wide streams creating a natural barrier. All of the north and northeast sides of the fire appear to be held by streams of this size, and sections of the perimeter left burning are expected to run into similar streams that will halt growth in the coming days.

Below is the most recent map of the Contact Creek fire. The dots highlight the remaining heat within the perimeter of the fire over the past 48 hours. This provides a visual that demonstrates inactivity around the majority of the edge of the fire.

Residents of Southwest Alaska may see smoke in the King Salmon area from this fire. The National Park Service will continue to monitor this incident and further updates will be posted.

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