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Hepburn Shire Council is set to decide on a final stance on the potential change to a controversial and ‘racist’ creek name. Officers recommended councilors vote to support the proposed name change from Jim Crow Creek to Larni Barramal Yaluk. “The proposal is consistent with the council’s main relevant plans and policies and also responds to wider community advocacy in relation to offensive and racist associations of the name,” a council report said. The potential renaming of the creek that stretches from near Hepburn to Franklinford and Newstead has long been a point of contention in the community. Indigenous peoples and their supporters have been calling for the name change for decades. Residents had the chance to make public submissions at a special council meeting in March following a consultation process in October and November last year. A council report says the results of the consultation show there is “clear overall support” for the name change as proposed, despite a range of views within the community. There were 187 people in favor of the global name change, with 30 opposed. Representatives of the local traditional owners Dja Dja Wurrung recommended the name Larni Barramal Yaluk, which means Emu stream house or habitat. Jim Crow is known as a racist and derogatory term referring to “black people” around the world and was applied to “Jim Crow laws” in the United States beginning in 1877. Racially offensive names were removed from other places including Mount Jim Crow. in Queensland, which was legally restored to the name of Darumbal de Baga in 2018. RELATED COVERAGE: Stepping forward in potential renaming of creek’s racist name If councilors vote to support renaming the creek, the council will make a recommendation to Geographic Names Victoria to consider renaming it. Part of the stream runs through Mount Alexander Shire, so the council will also make a recommendation if they decide to support the name change. The Geographic Names Office (GNO) Registrar will make the final decision to accept or reject the proposal. Hepburn Shire councilors will vote to decide its position on the proposed name change at a council meeting on Wednesday evening. Everyone who participated in the community consultation period will be notified of the decision.



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