Cashierless Amazon Go buzzes at Mill Creek grand opening


MILL CREEK – The newest Amazon Go filled up with lunchtime customers this week.

Locals came to check out the cashier-less high-tech store, which offers take-out food, snacks, drinks, groceries and more than 30 made-to-order breakfast and lunch items.

The store opened Tuesday at 132nd Street and 39th Avenue NE. It’s the first Amazon Go in the state outside of Seattle.

Mill Creek resident Dean Chinnery had been waiting for months.

“It’s easy, convenient and modern,” he said after his first visit on Wednesday.

There are no paylines in Amazon Go stores.

After entering, customers use their Amazon shopping app or credit card to pass through a closed entrance gate. Once inside, they can grab whatever they want and walk away, thanks to a network of cameras and sensors that track their every move.

Chinnery didn’t buy anything on his first trip but took some pictures of the store to send to his wife at home.

New customers also included Allison and Jay Griffin, who live nearby and have seen the large Amazon Go sign displayed outside since late January.

“We wanted to see what it was all about,” Jay Griffin said.

They collected popcorn and jerky during their work-from-home break.

Allison Griffin said she was impressed with the store’s selection, including the healthier options. Jay Griffin wondered how the high-tech store would fare in suburban Mill Creek compared to traditional grocery stores. Most Amazon Go stores are in downtown Seattle and cater to a different customer base.

“I’m curious who will come in,” he said.

Amazon said the Mill Creek store was part of a suburban move. It’s also the focal point of an 82,000-square-foot mall that sits on Mill Creek.

The Amazon Go menu includes sandwiches and burritos, breakfast bowls, avocado toast, hot and cold sandwiches, salads and wraps. For a limited time, customers can take advantage of a discount: $6 for made-to-order sandwiches and $3 for avocado toast and breakfast sandwiches.

There is also beer and wine; cold brew coffee and kombucha on tap; four flavors of ICEE slurpees; and self-serve Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

Staples, like milk and frozen meals, are also on the shelves. Another section offers household cleaning items, shampoo, sunscreen and more.

Between eight and 12 employees work at the store, according to one employee.

The store offers other services: an Amazon item return location (no parcels required) and two free electric vehicle charging stations.

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