Battle Creek firefighter injured while battling blaze


A Battle Creek firefighter was injured while battling a fire at an apartment complex on Greentree Boulevard on Friday morning.

Rescue 6 arrived first on the scene, around 9:45 a.m., where they observed smoke coming from the eaves of the attic of the wooden frame structure. They fired an attack pipe line into the structure and began an interior attack and quickly took control of the fire on the third floor. They then started pulling up the ceiling to control the fire in the attic.

While the firefighters were busy on the third floor of the structure, the crew of Truck 1 simultaneously performed vertical ventilation to exhaust superheated gases and exhaust smoke, so that other firefighters could inspect the interior apartments, check for possible spot fires and the possible spread of fire.

As crews battled the blaze, a firefighter injured his back and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

Subsequent investigation determined that the cause of the fire was a contractor using a salamander heater who caught burning plastic, which quickly spread along the wall and into the attic, resulting in estimated property damage at $51,705, with damage to contents estimated at $2,895.

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