Animal Crossing player recreates Schitt’s Creek motel room


An Animal Crossing player has recreated David and Alexis’ motel room from Schitt’s Creek and filled it with a number of Easter eggs for watchful fans.

A meticulous Animal Crossing: New Horizons player recreated the Roses’ motel room from the sitcom Schitt’s Creek it’s full of easter eggs for keen-eyed fans. Animal Crossing: New Horizons fast approaching its second anniversary and continues to host a steady stream of in-game activity for the ever-thriving community. Additionally, players can often access new content from updates that allow for complex builds.

Compared to many other game titles, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives its players much more freedom when it comes to creative expression. Often this manifests in the form of constructs that pay homage to other IPs in all forms of media. In some cases, these creations can be as large as a animal crossing Eye of Sauron’s version of the Lord of the Ringsbut with attention to detail, less complex builds can also become truly impressive.


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Reddit user runamokamok put attention to detail on full display with their recreation of Roses’ Rosebud Motel room Schitt’s Creek. This series of images are all captured from one room and show David and Alexis Rose doing various activities. Scattered throughout the space are also a bunch of hidden Easter eggs that fans of the show will recognize, such as David’s sweaters, skin cream, and raw milk, among others.

Animal Crossing Schitts Creek Motel David sleeps

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Runamokamok has received accolades for his work, further strengthening the generally healthy community that revolves around Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This goodwill has even, on occasion, pushed beyond the gaming world to tackle real-life issues. Recently, there has been the creation of a unique island in animal crossing for diabetes awareness, and there have been others before that have also tried to make a social impact.

Two years is a long time in today’s gaming landscape, as technology continues to rapidly evolve, wiping out some quality titles at an alarming rate. It is a testimony of Animal Crossing: New Horizons quality that it has managed to maintain a thriving community over the past few years that still frequently produces new content. With the changing seasons and the melting snow Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there will likely be a new wave of creativity sweeping through the community. As the title reaches its second anniversary, the question remains as to how far players can push the boundaries of what is possible to create in-game.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Runamokamok/Reddit

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