Alligator found Buffalo, New York Creek is a crazy wild story


You know how some people go to the beach and are afraid of open water? Who would have thought you would have to worry about that in Buffalo.

Fasten your seatbelt because it’s a weird story.

Somehow someone released an alligator in 2001 into Scajaquada Creek, which starts in Lancaster, runs through Cheektowaga and ends up crossing a culvert that crosses Buffalo and, in short, empties into the Niagara River as it passes through Black Rock.

Anyway, the 4ft alligator, or really, Caiman, was nicknamed Scajaquada Jack after Buffalo Animal Control spent 4 days trying to get the alligator out of water which is absolutely infested with pollution and grime. Then it became a problem because random people were trying to fetch the alligator and bait it themselves with dead chickens.

It did not work.

The investigative station revisited the story with one of the officers on the case, Frank Poincelot:

The way Poincelot tells the story, a rat attracted the caiman, which allowed animal control officer Chuck Loubert Jr. at lasso a dog collar around the neck. The next few minutes involved an intense struggle to reel in the 50-pound caiman as it launched into a deadly roll, dragging Loubert into the water.

“It was a total fiasco,” Poincelot said.

But then he said: ‘I had a team of five officers wading through this nasty cove for hours. When we were in there it really stunk and you could smell the real muddyshitty stuff down there.

Where is the alligator now? Well obviously they needed to find a home for the alligator but Buffalo Animal Control needed to get some paperwork so for 2 months they couldn’t ship that alligator until the papers arrive. So the alligator sat in a baby pool at Buffalo Pet Garage on Broadway for a while.

Jack now resides in St. Augustine on an alligator farm and apparently he might still be alive. The park that has it in Florida actually wanted to use it as a show and tell the alligator because it was only 4 feet tall compared to the other monsters they have.

But Scajaquada Jack was too shy.

He’s not a dad yet. In case you were wondering.

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