311 kicks off 2022 tour at VPAC in Beaver Creek


Widely regarded as one of the most entertaining and dynamic live bands in the United States, 311 blend rock, rap, reggae and funk into their own unique hybrid sound. As veterans of 2,000 shows in 27 countries, 311 are one of rock’s oldest original bands, alongside legends like U2 and Radiohead. For over 30 years, 311’s famous live shows and dedicated touring schedule have earned them a massive following.

The Vilar Performing Arts Center welcomes 311 to its stage on Sunday, March 6, before their famous 311 Day concert in Las Vegas (March 11-12). Tickets start at $78 and go on sale Friday, January 21 at 10 a.m. Visit vilarpac.org/311 for tickets and more information.

The group has released 13 studio albums, two greatest hits albums, two live albums, three DVDs and a box set while selling over 9 million copies in the United States. Ten 311 albums reached the Top 10 of Billboard’s 200 Bestsellers chart – and nine of their singles reached the Top 10 of Billboard’s Alternative Radio Chart (including three No. 1 singles).

Formed in 1990 in Omaha, Nebraska, 311 is made up of five friends: Nick Hexum (vocals/guitar); Tim Mahoney (guitar); SA Martinez (vocals/DJ); Chad Sexton (drums); and P-Nut (bass).

311’s top songs include “All Mixed Up”, “Beautiful Disaster”, “Don’t Stay Home”, “Amber” and many more.

“Today, more than three decades after their first official live concert, opening for Fugazi at Sokol Arena, 311 is essentially a company,” Vice wrote. “The [band] — who erupted at the start of the ’90s rap-rock boom — achieved the nigh-impossible: a lasting music career, with multiple album cycles and sold-out summer tours. With their unique sound and dedication to their audience, the rockers have, almost accidentally, become a brand.

More than just musicians, the multi-platinum band and legendary cannabis connoisseurs launched their highly anticipated disposable vape pen in 2016 after years of research and development. The Uplifter Pen, designed in-house by 311, was one of the first vape pens designed specifically for cannabis oil. They also joined the craft beer world, creating beers like Amber Ale, Beautiful Disaster Imperial IPA, I’ll Be Here Awhile Honey Apricot Ale, and What The?! Hazy IPA.

Find out why 311 stood the test of time when they performed at Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek on Sunday, March 6.


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