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As a secondary character, Jocelyn Schitt is something of a first lady of Schitt’s Creek since she is married to the town’s mayor, Roland Schitt. Having lived in Schitt’s Creek for decades, Jocelyn did her best to make the Roses feel at home when they arrived in the small town. She even tried to teach Moira how to fit in with some locals. However, there came a time when Jocelyn’s patience and kindness dulled with those around her, making her a relatable character.

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Schitt’s Creek the fans took Reddit to share how Jocelyn resonated with them. And while her character has transformed throughout the series (especially after getting pregnant and having Roland Jr.), which character hasn’t? From her personal life to her friendships, Jocelyn has had some relatable moments.


Life with a newborn can be difficult

Schitt's Creek Moira and Jocelyne

In “Pregnancy Test”, Jocelyn discovered she was pregnant for the second time, 30 years after her first son, Mutt.

The pregnancy was unplanned and while Jocelyne was full of good advice and optimism for those around her, she was shocked. Postpartum life has been more difficult for Jocelyn. Mollinda Recount Reddit, “I love how she dissolves after having the baby. So relatable.” Instead of showing a brave face and being carefree, Jocelyn was transparent about her issues after the baby was born.

The depths of a fun baby shower

Johnny and Roland at the baby shower on Schitt's Creek

Some would say Moira and Jocelyn weren’t real friends because when she needed someone to throw her a baby shower, she went straight to David.

Hilarious, Jocelyn showed up at Rose Apothecary in her pajamas with her hair messy. She reiterated that she was about to crack and needed David to throw her a great baby shower. BurberryCustardbath I loved Jocelyn’s stressed look, writing, “I can relate to the Roses so much, but damn it… when Jocelyn tells David about her baby shower and she looks like a miserable pregnant wreck? [I] Feel that.” Throwing a party while heavily pregnant is no easy feat, and viewers remember that.

A pinch of passive-aggressive behavior

Jocelyn and the Jazzagals in 'Milk Money' on Schitt's Creek

Jocelyn’s upbeat and optimistic personality has earned her some of the best quotes from Schitt’s Cryk. However, there came a time when Jocelyn was tired of being crushed by Moira and was tired of playing nice.

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A Editor felt that much of Jocelyn’s personality was passive-aggressive. ErinIvy13 replied, “As a self-identified passive-aggressive female, I recognize a lot of the behavior. We’d both be better people without it, but we’re a little more fun with it.” Others noted that they understood that Jocelyn’s passive-aggressive behavior was due to who she was married to and who she was friends with.

Let loose at the Poison concert

Jocelyn and Moira during casino night

In “Rock On”, the Jazzagals had a memorable moment when they planned to rent a bus and take it to the casino for a Poison concert. Jocelyn was much hornier than the other women and it became clear why.

It was Jocelyn’s first time away from her baby and she needed a night on the town. But when the concert was canceled, the women still decided to go to the casino to please Jocelyne. WestofEden5 Recount Reddit how much they identified with Jocelyn in that scene. “I have a 3 year old and I went to a Modest Mouse concert on Saturday and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m Jocelyn going to Poison (Doodle Bops)’.”

Getting excited about working at Rose Apothecary

David and Jocelyne go shopping together at Schitts Creek

As successful as Rose Apothecary has been, it hasn’t always made sense in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Its chic and modern atmosphere set it apart from other general stores.

In “Rebound”, Jocelyn needed extra money after she and Roland invested most of their money in the motel. She thought Rose Apothecary would be the perfect place since she was close to David and Patrick. Although David didn’t want it, he hired her and Jocelyn had the time of her life helping others and feeling useful. Apprehension-Film98 wrote “Jocelyn it’s all of us” along with a photo of that scene. Starting to work for the first time is exciting and the fear of messing things up is agonizing.

Haircuts can be intimidating

Jocelyn got her hair cut at Schitt's Creek

When Jocelyn was at the casino with the Jazzagals, she felt spontaneous enough to change her look to match her new attitude. While her outfit was already eye-catching and rock ‘n’ roll, she also got a rocker haircut and style.

The look was unique to Jocelyn and very different from her everyday hairstyle. After having it cut, it was obvious that she was embarrassed and nervous about it. SoCaffienatedLady wrote: “That haircut. And she was constantly asking everyone if it was okay. I was tied to that. Just wanting to feel like myself, to be touched, to want alone time” was the most relevant part for them.

All Jocelyn wanted was for the Jazzagals to include her

The Jazzagals sing on Schitt's Creek

The Jazzagals were more than an a capella group – they were also all good friends and neighbors. However, when Jocelyn got Roland Jr., the Jazzagals were anything but helpful.

Instead of seeing that Jocelyn needed something like lunch with the girls to stay sane, the Jazzagals stopped inviting Jocelyn to gatherings or told her about the time or location change. Abqkat recounted when Jocelyn panicked at the group for not lending a hand. “Especially when your social circle has no children at all or is past the baby stage. I think the Jazzagals were often a bit inflexible and incomprehensible to her situation,” they wrote.

Jocelyn’s Honesty with Moira

Split image of Jocelyn talking to Moira on Schitt's Creek

After being so accommodating and welcoming to Moira, fans bonded over Jocelyn when she was short or sassy with her. NovaChecks wrote: “Jocelyn stressed out is a mood.” The Redditor also noted that “Her reaction when Moira ruins her chance to be on a jury, same energy.”

In both cases, Moira was pretentious and selfish since she only thought about her own image instead of seeing Jocelyne’s needs. As hilarious as Moira Rose is, fans got tired of her walking around on Jocelyn, so it was satisfying when Jocelyn stood up to her, especially in the scene planning Asbestos Fest.

Jocelyn was optimistic but exhausted

Jocelyn at Schitts Creek

Being from a small town, there are times when Jocelyn is disconnected from the outside world, but that doesn’t mean she’s not adaptable. She is optimistic when things change and tries to calm down when she is tired. She did it beautifully in the scene when she takes Moira to the spa. Rolling with the punches isn’t Moira’s best trait, so when she had to act like she loved her makeover, Jocelyn saw through her.

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Bks1979 I enjoyed that about Jocelyn and saw a certain familiarity in her character, writing: “I love that even in her most frazzled state, Jocelyn tries to stay upbeat and just as diplomatic when she deals with the issues that make her burnt out. Coming from a small Nebraska town, I certainly knew this woman.”

Roland and Jocelyn were related

Roland had some goofy moments and they made fans wonder why Jocelyn was married to him. But as strange as Roland was, he loved his wife.

After the end of the season, Reginyoga missed seeing Roland and Jocelyn on their screen for their relationship. “I can’t get enough of the shenanigans that Roland and Jocelyn pull off” as they were some of Redditor’s favorite characters. They fought and bickered, but they still loved each other despite the difficulties.

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