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Today more than ever, we talk about Schitt’s Creek become a movie to give fans a taste of what the Roses have been up to since the series finale. While fans miss The Roses and their shenanigans, it’s the writing and the iconic quotes that are missed the most.

Moira’s dialect and David’s one-liners were some of the show’s most well-regarded. Fans loved the storytelling in Schitt’s Creek so much so that a Reddit thread was created to feature all the quotes fans would wear on their chest if they wanted to.

Moira Rose

“This wine is horrible, bring me another glass.”

The image of Moira with a glass of wine and this quote became an instant meme. When Moira moved to Schitt’s Creek, she had no idea her career would have taken such a downturn. As a B-list soap opera star, Moira feared she would never find a job in a town like Schitt’s Creek.


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But when a local winery called The Herb Ertlinger Winery wanted her to be their spokesperson, Moira jumped at the chance. After all, she loved drinking a glass of wine as much as gambling. Ssaassy told Reddit, “This wine is awful, bring me another glass! I want this t-shirt now lol. As bad as the wine Moira drank was, she tried to be professional about it for the sake of her career… Before she got drunk.

David Rose

“I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now.”

David in bed talking to his father on Schitt's Creek

VictoryLeft9848 told Reddit, “I have a t-shirt that says ‘I’m trying really hard not to connect with people right now. have a shirt with David in a field, with a pitchfork.

As kind and relatable as David Rose was, he was also self-aware enough to know when he needed people to respect his boundaries. His honesty was one of his best traits on Schitt’s Creek. If he had the strength to tell those around him that he didn’t want to connect with people, fans should feel the same with a t-shirt with that quote on it.

Alexis and David

Alexis: “Lick the rust!” David: “Eat glass!”

A shared image of David and Alexia insulting each other

David and Alexis had some good (and not so good) sibling times and some horrible ones. As different as the two acted, they had a lot in common.

The writers did a great job with the dialogue between Alexis and David, as they spoke to each other sarcastically and never took each other seriously. There were two lines in particular that fans were drawn to: “Lick Rust” and “Eat Glass”. Lizbyers922 replied to another Redditor about the idea for the t-shirt and said, “‘Licking the rust’ on the front, ‘eating glass’ on the back.”

Moira Rose

“Gossip is the devil’s phone. Better just hang up!”

Moira talks to Twyla at the cafe in Schitt's Creek

Due_Day6756 told Reddit that their favorite quote they wanted on a shirt was, “Gossip is the Devil’s phone. Best to just hang up!” Although Moira liked to gossip, she was playing the holier than you card when talking to Twyla. Moira didn’t give good advice, but she tried with those around her to feel better. .

Although Twyla was anything but a talker and really enjoyed bonding with those who entered Cafe Tropical, Moira’s words sounded like she was the town crier.

David Rose and the Farmer

Farmer: “There’s a bug on your dress.” David: “Yuck, fuck.”

David Rose wielding a pitchfork in a field at Schitt's Creek

When David felt unwanted and lost about returning to New York, he thought the best thing to do to clear his head was to run away. Unbeknownst to his family, he fled to an Amish farm.

When his parents weren’t convincing enough to bring him home, he was more than ready when the woman working the field told him there was a bug on his “robe”. VictoryLeft9848 told Reddit that this scene was one of their favorites due to David’s reaction. “This is one of my favorite scenes,” they wrote.

Moira Rose

“I am positively disturbed by the meetings and so on.”

Moira tells David she's busy at the Schitt's Creek store.

If there’s anyone as busy as Moira, they need her quote on a t-shirt. Sunnysideuppp123 told Reddit they ended up having this line on a shirt, writing, “I made one with ‘I’m positively tormented by meetings etc.’ “and I get compliments all the time.”

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In this scene, Moira was anything but busy with meetings, but she told David she was when she thought he was going to ask for her help with Rose Apothecary. Moira made some questionable parenting choices when she didn’t want to be with her kids, but between the vocabulary and her dialect, this quote is a crowd pleaser.

Moira Rose

“Stop acting like a disgruntled pelican.”

David and Jake caught having an afternoon treat

Another Moira-ism from Schitt’s Creek that deserves to be on a t-shirt is the line she said to David. “I just want to wear a shirt that says ‘Disgruntled Pelican’ when I’m having a bad day,” Booktrovert said.

In this scene, Moira bombarded David’s personal time when she misplaced his wallet. David didn’t want his mother in his motel room because there was a man showering in the bathroom. When Moira saw how uncomfortable David was with a shirtless guest and his mother in the same room, she told him to stop acting like a disgruntled pelican, which is now a beloved bloodline. .

Alexis Rose


Alexis boop Twyla in the motel before leaving forever on Schitt's Creek

Alexis was known for many things about Schitt’s Creek, one of them being his mannerisms. She had a tendency to bend her wrists while speaking and brushing her hair out of her face. Reddit hilariously called Alexis’ hand gestures “t-Rex hands.” What’s funnier than a shirt with his hands on it would be one of his beloved quotes – “boop!”

Rubitbasteitsmokeit wrote on Reddit, “Can I have Alexis’ mania? I want the tippy taps she does and the boop. A combination of these two things would make the perfect shirt for any Schitt’s Creek fan.

Moira Rose

“What you did was impulsive, capricious and melodramatic, but it was also wrong.”

Moira yells at David in the Schitt's Creek field

When the Roses found David at the Amish farm, Moira and Johnny were disturbed that their son scared them (and took Moira’s prized purse). Gone without a trace or a working phone, his best friend Stevie was more worried than his parents. It was this scene that proved that David and Stevie had one of the best friendships on the show.

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After finding David, Moira told her son, “What you did was impulsive, wayward and melodramatic, but it was also wrong.” This was dont_disturb_the_cat’s favorite quote for a possible t-shirt.


“I’m Darlene’s cousin.”

Darlene's cousin argues with David on Schitt's Creek

AuntieKate said they needed “I’m Darlene’s cousin” on a t-shirt immediately. That doesn’t sound much like a quote but pure and hard Schitt’s Creek fans know how fun the background is.

On the day David opened Rose Apothecary for the first time, there was a long line of people waiting to enter. David didn’t expect so many people for a soft launch and wished it was smaller. A woman didn’t realize who David was and thought he was cutting the line. After scolding her, David smugly asked who she was. The anonymous woman replied, “I’m Darlene’s cousin, who the fuck are you?” What’s hilarious is that no one ever found out her name (or who Darlene was). It’s a scene that lives rent-free in fans’ heads.

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